You should really consider the yoga in your life. The yoga has been proved to be an excellent way to get into shape. The yoga is an art that actually help the body and the mind, and with it, you will achieve a more relaxed mind, a decrease in the stress levels, a lower blood pressure, you will lose that undesired extra weight, toned and strengthened muscles, a stretched body and you will decrease the possibility of suffering from injuries. We know that the first moments of yoga could be very demanding, but once you get into it, you will enjoy the benefits of it.

You should know that the belly area is one of the most difficult ones to tone. But with the help of these Asanas and a regular practice, you will be able to achieve the body that you always wanted.

Of course, remember that yoga isn’t only a series of exercises. You need to combine it with a balanced diet if you really want to see the results.

Now, without more delay, these are the best Asanas for losing belly fat

First, you have to lie on your stomach with the legs stretched out behind, the forehead onto the floor and the palms under the shoulders. Your elbows must be tucked and touching the ribs. Now, inhale deeply and slow and begin strengthening your arms and arching your back you must rise up off the floor your chest, head, and shoulders.

Maintain the hips and thighs firmly on the floor. Rise up as high as you can and try to hold the pose for 10 to 30 seconds. After this, gradually lower down.

You will do this 5 times with 15 pauses between each movement.

This exercise is especially focused on the abdominal muscles it will increase the spine’s flexibility.

Knees To Chest:

First, lie on your back with the legs stretched out. Put the heels together ant the arms at the sides. Now bend your knees and move them towards the chest.

Grab and pull the knees in close, hugging them to your body. Hold that position for around 60 seconds and then release the knees and exhale gradually.

You will do 5 repetitions of this with 15 seconds pause between each movement.

This is a special pose that will help you to tighten the abdominal muscles. It will also stretch your spine. And, this is especially good for losing weight because it speeds up the metabolism.

The Bow Pose:

First, lie on the stomach with the legs stretched out and put the hands on the sides, facing up. Exhale slowly and while you are doing this, bend your knees up. You will need to bring them as close as you are can to your buttock and then reach your arms back.

Grab the ankles with your hands and breathe deeply. Now, try to maintain the pose for around 10 to 20 seconds and then release and exhale.

Do 5 times this exercise with a 15-second pause between each movement.

With the help of this pose, you will have a firm abdomen and it will enhance the body’s elasticity. Your spine and back will be very grateful to you. And this exercise also has a calming an energizing effect in all the body.

The Sun Salutations

Thanks to the complexity of this routine we leave you a video below to see how you have to do it. Basically, it is a series of 12 different poses that should be done in a specific order. As you could have guessed, the best moment to do this routine is in the morning.

This is a full routine that will help all your body, not just a single part. It will even provide with the necessary energy for the entire day!

This routine detoxifies the organism because it encourages the work of the lymphatic system. And it can even help the digestive system by making bowel movements more regular and less clogged.

Of course, it too tightens the abdominal muscles and stretch the spinal area, but remember to follow carefully the video because it is a more complicated routine.