In 1928, 16-year-old Minka Disbrow was on a picnic in the woods with a friend when they were approached by three older men. Minka and her friend were separated before she was assaulted and raped by one of the monsters.

Minka told no one of the attack until her body began changing and her belly began growing. She was so young that she didn’t understand she was pregnant until her mother explained it to her.

Minka’s daughter was born at a young women’s home in secret. The newborn named Betty Jane was placed for adoption — but she felt an instant connection to her daughter the moment she held her.

For decades, Minka wrote letters trying to receive updates on Betty Jane. She kept loving her and praying for her, even though she was unsure if they would ever meet again.

Nearly 80 years later, Minka whispered a prayer: “Lord, I’d like to see Betty Jane before I die. I promise I won’t bother her or interrupt her life. I just want to lay eyes on her.”

Unbeknownst to Minka, a judge was releasing the sealed adoption records to Betty Jane, who was now 77 years old. Soon, her phone would ring with the news she’d been hoping for for most of her life.

Watch the amazing video below to watch the reunion between mother and daughter. We’ve seen many touching reunions before, but none quite as powerful and nuanced as this.

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