Every woman wants to have long and beautiful hair, it’s our lifelong desire and we often do everything we can in order to achieve it. However, having long hair may be quite the challenge for some, considering all the damage we purposely do to our hair. From straightening, blow-drying, dying and god knows what else, our hair becomes fragile, damaged and gets shorter instead of growing longer. We’d all want to have princess Rapunzel’s hair but that’s impossible right? Well, it seems that it’s not such a challenge for this 43-year old mother and her daughters who’ve been dubbed the Rapunzels of Illinois due to their unbelievably long locks.

If you saw the picture your first question must be how long is their hair really and how is that even possible. Tere Lynn, the mother, says that she enjoys immensely in taking care of her and her daughters’ hair and that that’s why she doesn’t cut it off. Their hairs were actually measured and the measurements are unbelievable. Tere Lynn’s hair and her eldest daughter’s hair is 74 inches (approx. 6’2″) long. The middle daughter Cendalyn’s hair is 36 inches (3 feet) long, while the youngest Chesney has 25.25 (2’2″) long hair.

Watch the video below and see for yourself: