Tomatoes are great – they are delicious and healthy due to the high levels of vitamin C and lycopene they contain. They can strengthen your immune system and treat and prevent numerous diseases and conditions, and should be a part of everyone’s diet.

Tomatoes are mostly praised for their high lycopene content. Lycopene is a powerful and rare antioxidant that can also be found in guava and carrots as well. It can fight free radicals in the body and lower the risk of cancer, and can also protect your skin from UV-rays and delay the aging process.

There have been several studies on the effects of lycopene on prostate cancer, and they all came to the conclusion that the antioxidant reduces the risk of cancer by half. Other studies have linked the compound to reduced risk of breast, prostate and lung cancer, although more research is needed in order to confirm the results. Tomatoes contain the highest amount of lycopene than any other fruit or vegetable – 100 gr. of ripe tomatoes has 3.3-7.1 mg. of lycopene, while tomato juice contains 150 mg. of lycopene per liter of fluid. Experts say that our body needs only 30 mg. of the antioxidant per day in order to prevent cancer and other diseases, and we can get the most of it through tomatoes.

Although beneficial, people are unaware that not all tomatoes are the same. The ones we buy from the market are hardly organic, so they don’t contain all the essential nutrients a real tomato has. Instead of buying them from the market, we suggest growing your own tomatoes at home. It’s a simple process that won’t take much of your time, and will provide you with and endless supply of tomatoes. Continue reading below to learn how to grow tomatoes in your home.

You’ll need:

  • 2 l. plastic bottle
  • 1 small tomato plant
  • Water
  • 8 cm. skewer
  • Coffee filter
  • Wire
  • Screwdriver
  • Scissors
  • Insulating tape
  • Soil


  1. The first step is to wash the plastic bottle well and let it dry.
  2. Cut its bottom part off.
  3. Fit the cut bottom part on the inside of top part.
  4. Pierce the sides of the plastic bottle and make sure they’re aligned.
  5. Pierce about 10 holes on the bottom of the bottle to make a DIY water dispenser.
  6. Now, take the tomato plant.
  7. Take the filter.
  8. Pierce the filter in the center.
  9. Put the plant through the same hole.
  10. Wrap the filter around the plant.
  11. Moving slowly and carefully, put the filter and plant through the bottle like in the picture you see below, and use the skewer to move it if you can’t with your fingers.
  12. The next side is to turn the bottle upside down and leave room for the water dispenser.
  13. Now, put the skewer (or toothpick) through the holes your pierced in the start.
  14. Use a wire like in the picture to hang the plant.
  15. Next, pour some water in the dispenser.
  16. Hang your tomato and watch it grow!

Tips: cover the bottle with the insulating tape to protect the roots of the plant. Also, you need to make sure that the plant is hanged somewhere out of the way. Keep it in a sunny area and always make sure to have water in the dispenser. As the wire grows, add stronger wire if it gets heavier.